How to Train a Lovebird – The First Steps to Successfully Train a Lovebird

Want to know how to train a lovebird tricks? To do so there are some first steps you need to take before moving on to the real tricks. If you already have these initial steps taken, then check out these videos to learn more. Otherwise, read more below to get started.

Gain Trust

When you learn how to train a lovebird, you first need to gain your bird’s trust. This is especially true if your bird hasn’t been handled much or if it suffers from any unwanted lovebird behavior, like biting. To learn how to tame lovebirds it is important first to gain a lovebird’s trust, you do this by starting small. Begin with simply trying to get your lovebird to touch the tip of a stick (like a pencil’s eraser), when they successfully do so reward them with a treat or lots of praise, or both. Each time they do this, reinforce the behavior with positive actions, after you feel like your bird is ready to move on, start using the touch command with your hand/finger. This will slowly teach your bird that they can trust you and this will allow you to be able to handle them with confidence. Training a lovebird to like your hand is often the first step to many quick successes in the future, it can be a huge hurdle, but once you cross it you’ll be well on your way to training them many other things.

Reward Often

After trust has been established, it is time to move on to new tricks or new skills, like coming to you when called or ceasing the unwanted lovebird sounds. Each time you ask your bird to do something and he complies, reward with love and/or food. Positive reinforcement is key with lovebird training and any animal training really. Find out what type of treat your lovebird likes the most and always have some on hand. Sometimes love is enough, but other birds will train faster and more easily with their favorite treat like millet, sunflower seeds or for larger birds, nuts.

Perfect One Skill at a Time

Don’t overwhelm your lovebird with too many tricks at once; start with one trick or skill, perfect it and the move on to the next one when you are training lovebirds. The very first thing you will want to establish is trust between you and your bird and to make sure you bird is comfortable with you handling him. When he is clearly ready, you can start to teach your bird how to stop biting, how to step up and then some fun stuff like waving, turning around, or even putting a ball in a hoop.

After you have gained your lovebird’s trust, reward your bird with lots of love and treats, positive reinforcement will allow you to move quickly through the many tricks that lovebirds can learn. CLICK HERE for more parrot training tips

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