How to Train Lovebirds Not to Bite

Are you sick and tired of being bitten by your lovebird? Ready to learn how to train lovebirds not to bite so that you can finally handle them without fear of blood being drawn? It is easier than you think, all you need is patience and the right training guide to help you achieve this goal.

One of the first steps in training your lovebird not to bite is to get them used to your hands. This can be accomplished first by teaching them how to “touch” something like a pencil and then gradually making that something your finger.

Having them eat out of your hand is a great way to build trust also, it can be a nice bonding time together while you feed your bird their favorite treat. I personally had a lovebird that ONLY liked to bite, it was a game to her, unfortunately I had no idea that you could train them NOT to bite until it was too late, it makes me sad to think of all of the bonding times we could have shared if I had just had the right guide to show me how.

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I now have a Blue Fisher’s Lovebird that is very sweet, but a little bit afraid of things, I am currently working with him to trust me more and learn to step up on my fingers. He recently started biting more, as lovebirds are known to do as they age, but I am confident that this guide will help me nip this behavior in the bud (pun intended.)

We love our lovebirds no matter if they bite or not, but it is much nicer to not be afraid of your bird, for not just you, but the bird too. It is more fun to be invited out of the cage to hang out with their owners than to sit lonely in their cage. Training your lovebird not to bite is the first step to many fun and exciting tricks and skills they can learn.

Birds are smart! And they get bored easily, often times this can be the cause of damaging behavior, like lovebird plucking, as well as biting. When you take the time to train your lovebird, biting becomes only one of the things you can teach them not to do. You’ll be amazed by the many things you can teach them TO do. I personally had no idea before I found this guide that lovebirds could learn how to do tricks, my bird before was fairly independent and had her own little quirks, but tricks? If only I’d known, the fun we could have had!

Hopefully now that you know about this guide, you will get it, learn how to stop the lovebird biting and start teaching them even more fun lovebird tricks. Lovebirds are great companion birds full of personality, finding out how to train lovebirds not to bite is only the beginning of the adventure you can have together.

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