Lovebird Training – How to Train a Lovebird Without Losing a Finger

Lovebird training is essential if you want a well behaved, easy to get along with bird that you can enjoy. Most people who get a bird however don’t even know their full potential. In fact, it is possible to go YEARS with a bird and believe that their behavior is untrainable. You might even think that it is simply their personality and that there is no way to change them. But this in fact untrue and most birds can learn how to stop biting, stop plucking, stop parrot screaming and even learn how to poop in one spot, it just takes a little education and perseverance from the bird owner.

Training lovebirds is not unlike training a dog; with the same love and reward system, most birds (even ones that don’t seem too bright) can pick up on your cues and learn some critical behavioral skills that will make living with them much easier. It is a sad fact that most bird owners buy a bird with absolutely no knowledge of how to care for them.

Feeding them and keeping them out of harms way is one thing, but did you know that you can actually train a lovebird how to spin, wave or even make a basket? These tricks of course are not the most important ones, it is much more important to get rid of any nasty habits they have first. But in the same process that you can use to do this, you can also train them do these fun tricks and all of this bonding makes for not only a happier bird owner, but also a much happier bird.

Learning how to train a lovebird just got a whole lot easier too. Instead of just using a book that probably will get you no where fast, technology has helped you out with some pretty easy to follow video tutorials. These videos are not fluff either, they aren’t using previously trained birds and showing you tricks, they are showing you from an unmanageable bird to a trained bird exactly what to do.

You can finally put an end to your bird’s annoying and disruptive habits and start living in harmony with one another. By slowly teaching your bird how to do certain things, you will increase the bond you have with each other, gain your lovebird’s trust and establish a relationship with your bird that you probably never thought possible.

Learn how to train lovebirds either for just your own benefit with your own bird, or take it to the next level and start making a living breeding lovebirds too. Once you learn how to handle these lovely birds, it will become second nature to take a difficult bird and turn it into one that gets along with everybody.

Training a lovebird is incredibly satisfying, there isn’t a better feeling than knowing that you can call your bird and have them come to you, easily step up on your finger, or even put a ball in a basket just by giving them a little love and some praise. These birds will truly amaze you by what they can do.

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