Training a Lovebird – How to Easily Tame a Lovebird

When you start training a lovebird, you first have to build some trust and get them used to your hands. Lovebirds can be difficult to train sometimes, and unless you work with them often, they can easily get “untrained” too. So be consistent, have a lot of patience and work with them everyday.

Before you start taming a lovebird you should get their wings clipped by your vet. I recommend a veterinarian because you don’t want your bird to start hating you before the training has even started. Once your bird is used to you, it is fine later to be the one who clips their wings.

After their wings are clipped and they can no longer escape, it is time to get them into a small room. A bathroom works great, or even a small closet as long as there aren’t any small places for them to hide. Close toilet lids and cover mirrors and get your lovebird onto a T-Stand.

At first, your bird is probably going to try to fly away, especially when you go near them with your hands. But eventually when your bird realizes that it can fly and you have to rescue it anyway from the floor, they will probably stop and instead stay on the T-Stand.

Approach your bird slowly with your hand and touch their belly and ask them to “step-up”. More often than not, they will refuse, but keep trying. Be persistent and patience. Have some of your birds favorite treats on hand too and make sure you reward them whenever they do something good. It may take more than one session to get your lovebird to step-up, but it’ll happen.

Once you have started to tame your bird they will start to bond with you and trust you more and more. When this has happened you will be able to start teaching them other tricks too. Check out this great video guide that can help you through all of these steps, visit Training Your Parrot.

These video training courses also address the many different problems your bird may have, like biting, aggression, screaming, feather plucking, you name it. So if you have any problems with your bird at all, I highly recommend this course.

If the above lovebird taming methods do not work for your bird, then it will definitely be necessary to take more aggressive action; especially if your bird is rather nasty and won’t even let you near it. The bird expert in these videos has helped thousands with similar problems and has even taught people to tame their birds in 24 hours to 2 weeks, so don’t think your bird can’t be taught. You just need to know the right way to go about it.

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